Affordable Housing

Housing costs in Aurora are continuing to rise even through this pandemic, and our working families are being squeezed more than ever. My top priority on the Aurora City Council will be to reduce this burden and allow our families to thrive. This means increasing our stock of affordable housing, investing in social housing, and ensuring that developers are doing their part to solve this crisis.


Immigrants make our country and our city special, vibrant, and prosperous. I will fight to keep our immigrant families together, safe, and involved in our civic life. No one should have to choose between keeping their family together and reporting a crime. Our city will be safer when our immigrant neighbors know that the police and city services are there to protect them, not enforce federal immigration law. Through educational outreach and small business support, we can ensure that all residents of Aurora reap the benefits of our incredible diversity.

Police Accountability

The misconduct of the Aurora Police Department in recent years has brought deep shame upon our city. We must take action to restore integrity and trust to our police force. To achieve this, we need to pair reforms with accountability. We can expand the range of responses available to emergency calls to ensure that armed officers are dispatched only when necessary, while reducing the APD’s stockpiles of weapons of war. Meanwhile, we must also root out white supremacists and insurrectionists within the force who have no place bearing the public’s trust.

Adam and Daughter

About Adam

My parents immigrated from China to the United States seeking opportunity, eventually beginning a successful small business. Through their journey began mine⁠—the discovery that diversity builds stronger and healthier communities, especially Aurora.

Throughout my life, I have always been a rank and file member of the workforce. I have worked as a dishwasher, server, cashier, letter carrier, cable technician, and now an essential worker in a grocery store. Shortly after I graduated from Wayne State College in 2007, the Great Recession hit, and jobs became very scarce. As I worked whatever job I could find, I realized the importance of everyday workers in our economy and society. We keep our economy going, even when times are tough.

When I worked as a letter carrier, I repeatedly witnessed unfair treatment of employees by management. Seeing the unfairness in my station moved me to run to be a Union Steward, a role I served in for two terms. During my service, I learned the importance of collective bargaining and keeping the workforce informed about the laws that help protect worker’s rights.

“I am honored to be awarded the 2021 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. After one mass shooting after another, we must continue to advocate for gun violence prevention. If elected, I promise to commit to govern with gun safety in mind. “

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate


Emily Sirota, CO State Representative for the 9th District

Adam will be a great asset on the Aurora City Council as a voice for and of the community, advancing real change to ensure Aurora is a city where we can all thrive. I’ve seen first hand his strong work ethic and values in action. I believe in Adam for Aurora City Council-At-Large.

Jeeva Senthilnathan, Former Parker Town Council Candidate endorses Adam Fung for Aurora City Council

Jeeva Senthilnathan, Former Parker Town Council Candidate

As a former candidate in favor of working families, I am proud that Adam Fung and I see eye-to-eye on protecting our first responders over this pandemic and keeping immigrant families safe within Aurora. Adam is the best candidate At-Large for Aurora because of his constructive plan for addressing national issues locally by holding police […]


As a former Union Steward, I am proud to be endorsed by the United Food & Commercial Workers.

Denver DSA

Adam is the only candidate in this race to both live and advocate for working-class values. This makes him the only choice for City Council, and we are excited to support his candidacy!

Brittany Pettersen Endorses Adam Fung for Aurora City Council

Colorado State Senator Brittany Pettersen

Adam is a hardworking, committed member of the community who consistently prioritizes what’s best for Aurora. From his frontline work during COVID to his experience fighting wildfires last summer, Adam always puts his community and neighbors first. I am proud to endorse Adam for Aurora City Council.


Colorado – Working Families Party

Our first round of 2021 Municipal Election endorsements is here! These candidates are bold progressives, running to stand up for racial, social, and economic justice in towns and school systems. We hope you’ll join us in getting out the vote for Working Families champions from now through November.

Progressive Democrats of America

The Denver chapter of Progressive Democrats of America is honored to announce our endorsement for Adam Fung, candidate for Aurora City Council At-Large. Adam is a champion for unions, working families, and all members of the diverse Aurora community. He is focused on restoring integrity and trust in law enforcement, as well as making sure […]

Juan Marcano City Council Member Ward IV Aurora

Juan Marcano, Aurora City Council Ward IV

Adam is someone whose sense of justice led him to fight for workers’ rights, whose compassion leads him to serve the vulnerable in our community, and whose commitment to Aurora has led him to run for city council. We need servant leaders and champions for Aurora’s working families like Adam in office, and I am […]

Alison Coombs Ward V City Council Member Aurora Colorado

Alison Coombs, Aurora City Council, Ward V

I’m excited to endorse Adam Fung for Aurora City Council At Large.  He understands the lives of our most vulnerable communities because their stories are his story. He will fight for justice, support our immigrant communities, and put working working families first.