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Bryan Lindstrom, Life-Long Auroran, Aurora Teacher, Union Organizer, Former Ward 6 candidate 

I support Adam Fung for City Council because he is a working class candidate with working class values. He doesn’t just talk a good game, he lives it. He was a leader in his union and knows what workers need to thrive in Aurora. He will fight to ensure our city  doesn’t keep splitting between haves and have-nots. He will fight for higher wages, stronger worker protections, and smart development that considers those of us who just want to call Aurora home, not just get rich off of it. Adam in the best choice for City Council at Large. 

Juan Marcano, Aurora City Council Ward IV

Adam is someone whose sense of justice led him to fight for workers’ rights, whose compassion leads him to serve the vulnerable in our community, and whose commitment to Aurora has led him to run for city council. We need servant leaders and champions for Aurora’s working families like Adam in office, and I am proud to endorse him for Aurora City Council At-Large.