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Jeeva Senthilnathan, Former Parker Town Council Candidate

Jeeva Senthilnathan, Former Parker Town Council Candidate endores Adam Fung for Aurora City Council

As a former candidate in favor of working families, I am proud that Adam Fung and I see eye-to-eye on protecting our first responders over this pandemic and keeping immigrant families safe within Aurora. Adam is the best candidate At-Large for Aurora because of his constructive plan for addressing national issues locally by holding police accountable, providing affordable housing, and taking action on the environmental crisis. Adam’s plan authorizes all voices to be heard and is compelling in policies for those working paycheck-to-paycheck to those who come from marginalized communities deserving equal representation.


As a former Union Steward, I am proud to be endorsed by the United Food & Commercial Workers.

Denver DSA

Adam is the only candidate in this race to both live and advocate for working-class values.

This makes him the only choice for City Council, and we are excited to support his candidacy!