About Adam

My parents immigrated from China to the United States seeking opportunity, eventually beginning a successful small business. Through their journey began mine⁠—the discovery that diversity builds stronger and healthier communities, especially Aurora.

Adam and Daughter

Throughout my life, I have always been a rank and file member of the workforce. I have worked as a dishwasher, server, cashier, letter carrier, cable technician, and now an essential worker in a grocery store. Shortly after I graduated from Wayne State College in 2007, the Great Recession hit, and jobs became very scarce. As I worked whatever job I could find, I realized the importance of everyday workers in our economy and society. We keep our economy going, even when times are tough.

When I worked as a letter carrier, I repeatedly witnessed unfair treatment of employees by management. Seeing the unfairness in my station moved me to run to be a Union Steward, a role I served in for two terms. During my service, I learned the importance of collective bargaining and keeping the workforce informed about the laws that help protect worker’s rights.

I enjoy volunteering for my community, especially at soup kitchens and food drives for our unhoused neighbors. It gave me tremendous fulfillment to serve people in need. I get to chat with a lot of people who are struggling in the streets, and learn about the reality of the housing problem.

To further advance my service to others, I enlisted in the Colorado National Guard. I realized that natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires are on the rise. I knew I needed to do my part to protect our community. In the fall of 2020, I was activated to provide support against the record forest fires that struck in the midst of the pandemic.

Adam Fung

As a son of immigrants, I understand the importance of an inclusive society. Without our immigrant community, the United States would not be the country we are today. We have made tremendous progress, and no amount of gratitude can express the appreciation of our immigrant communities. I want to repay this debt by being a tireless advocate for an inclusive city that properly values our immigrant neighbors.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with my adorable and silly daughter. 

I’m Adam Fung and I am running for Aurora City Council At Large in the 2021 election.