Affordable Housing

Housing costs in Aurora are continuing to rise even through this pandemic, and our working families are being squeezed more than ever. My top priority on the Aurora City Council will be to reduce this burden and allow our families to thrive. This means increasing our stock of affordable housing, investing in social housing, and ensuring that developers are doing their part to solve this crisis


Immigrants make our country and our city special, vibrant, and prosperous. I will fight to keep our immigrant families together, safe, and involved in our civic life. No one should have to choose between keeping their family together and reporting a crime. Our city will be safer when our immigrant neighbors know that the police and city services are there to protect them, not enforce federal immigration law. Through educational outreach and small business support, we can ensure that all residents of Aurora reap the benefits of our incredible diversity.

Protecting Essential Workers

Our frontline workers have been hardest hit during this pandemic. They are facing the virus every day with no health care or other benefits, and they are also paid inadequate wages. Yet these are the people we rely on to keep the shelves stocked, our food safe, and our electricity on. My lifetime of experience as an essential worker and union advocate will guide my approach to helping these everyday heroes. First, we must establish a living wage that will help thousands of families make ends meet. Then, we must strengthen collective bargaining rights for all employees in Aurora, empowering them to seek benefits and fair treatment.

Police Accountability

The misconduct of the Aurora Police Department in recent years has brought deep shame upon our city. We must take action to restore integrity and trust to our police force. To achieve this, we need to pair reforms with accountability. We can expand the range of responses available to emergency calls to ensure that armed officers are dispatched only when necessary, while reducing the APD’s stockpiles of weapons of war. Meanwhile, we must also root out white supremacists and insurrectionists within the force who have no place bearing the public’s trust.

COVID-19 Recovery

Our working families have borne the brunt of this pandemic, and so they should be the focus of our recovery efforts. As the city distributes recovery funds from the State and Federal governments, the essential workers and their families should take first priority, our local small business come next, and not a dime should go to the massive multi-national corporations that have already profited off this crisis.

Environment & Energy

Keeping the air and water in Aurora clean and safe is essential to the health of our city. I will never compromise your family’s health for the benefit of oil & gas companies. The future of energy in Aurora must be green and renewable, and not polluting and extractive. When coupled with city-wide recycling, we can make real improvements to the beauty and safety of Aurora.

Believing Science

Must start trusting the experts in science. We have seen how misinformation can harm our health and safety, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I will work with Scientists and disseminate professional scientific information to our community so that we will not be led astray. I will also govern based on fact from professional experts.